E&K Speak at SDSU

There are times that present themselves and you get to stand up and talk about what you are most passionate about. For us, that is White Lace Events & Design, our dream turned into a hardworking reality.

We are so fortunate that we were given an incredible opportunity to be guest speakers at San Diego State University Hospitality Meeting and Events classes. Eyes focused, laptops opened and ready … *deep breath. Here we go.

So first things first, I (aka, Krissie Simek) am not a public speaker, my partner in everything beautiful (aka, Elizabeth Galloway) is. It is pretty incredible to see our strengths shine, especially at times like these, because this is one of her callings and she is OUTRAGEOUSLY amazing at it! In turn, she pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and do things like this, public speaking. Sheer terror…BUT I did it… and by the second class, it almost felt natural.

There were two things that amazed me during the day at SDSU. One is that within only a short time span of being small business owners, we were standing, talking, and presenting what we do best—wedding and event planning and design. Our website was big, bright, and took center stage in our presentation. It was like our medal of honor that we so proudly showed to these students. Little did they know the months, hours, color matching, editing, and building that it took to create our masterpiece… I digress. Two, we were the faces that we always wanted to look up to, presenting the dream of wedding planning (*well, at least for the girl that quite literally skipped into the class once she remembered what that days topic was about). Elizabeth and I didn’t have that, we didn’t have the opportunity to hear people realistically talk about the event planning world and what it truly entails, what it means and how it is done. All of a sudden, we were the mentors and we were the people sharing the dream.

Elizabeth took the class by storm, sharing her journey and the excitement of the future. I smiled, sharing my own story, jumping in here and there, all the while navigating our website on the big, bright screen as we transitioned from one topic to another. A true team, similar, different, and awesome in every way. We later went to lunch with a very special group of students, who asked great questions and shared their own stories, as well as their aspirations for the future. How lucky were we to hear their stories and what they plan to do… again, incredible! How did we get to this point?!

Now, we have a remarkable amount of students emailing us for the opportunity to assist and join us on our White Lace Events & Design wedding days. We cannot wait to meet and chat with each and every one of them to build our White Lace E&D team. Thank you to Stephanie Dathe and the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program at SDSU. So thankful and so grateful for the opportunity and hope for many more!


K & E

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