Dana + Chuck’s Stunning Sea Ranch Wedding

One of the best parts of our job is working with amazing couples to plan a truly remarkable wedding experience. I (Elizabeth) say experience because a wedding is more than a ceremony, cake and dancing, it is family and friends coming together to celebrate true love. In the case of Dana and Chuck there was so much celebration of love my heart is still melting! Just to be clear, Chuck’s given name is Robert, however I have known him as Chuck since I met Dana, hence we will reference him as Chuck moving forward. 🙂

Dana and Chuck are a very special couple to White Lace Events & Design for many reasons. Reason #1, Dana and I are friends, we met at a previous job and she is simply wonderful! When Chuck popped the question she called me and said… “gee, I wish you could plan my wedding” (not an exact quote, I don’t think she used the word gee, but you get the gist) which leads me to point #2. They were our official first White Lace Events & Design couple! Krissie and I were in the process of building the business when Dana called me, we knew we were ready to jump out on our own, and Dana and Chuck helped move us along. Point #3, they are just so adorable!

There is so much awesomeness to share about their wedding, but I will simply touch on highlights otherwise this blog post will be a mile long. So here are the facts. Halloween wedding rehearsal- yep costumes and all! Our bride and groom were the Cookie Monster and a cookie… still makes me smile! Amazing venue- The Lodge at Sea Ranch. Chuck has a family house in this Northern California gem and even proposed to Dana there, it is a no brainer this was going to be their wedding destination. Picture a boutique 19 room lodge, rolling green hills, waves crashing along the rocky Sonoma Coast and just the most amazing ocean view you have even seen, and then multiply that by 100… that is The Lodge at Sea Ranch! Amazing dress- Dana wore a stunning Nicole Miller lace gown, just to die for with a fabulous floral crown, garden inspired and so chic. The Bridesmaids wore stunning BHLDN dresses, the gentleman in killer suits and all in SOLO sunglasses to bout (Dana is one of the founding members of SOLO Eyewear from her days at SDSU) just perfection! The décor was made with love in every way. Dana is a graphic designer so naturally she made the invitation and menus perfect for the occasion. The florals were freshly picked wildflowers from the Sonoma Coast in hand crafted wooden boxes with glass milk bottles, eclectic jars and candles with brass tags for table numbers creating the ultimate dining experience. Add a touch of rustic burlap and elegant lace with plum colored napkins, adorable “pun” dessert forks with sayings like, “love at first bite” and there you have the table scape. Dana and Chuck also grew their own succulent escort cards that they nurtured with love for their guests to keep as a wedding memento- amazing!

The ceremony and cocktail hour overlooked the magnificent ocean leaving their guests breathless! As an homage to Chuck, Dana made the programs into paper airplanes to tribute one of Chuck’s past times, being a pilot. Creative and special to their relationship. As I said I could go on and on, but you will have to keep an eye out for more… this wedding was too special to keep to ourselves.  🙂

To close, I will focus on one last element of fabulous… are you ready for it? They did a grand BUBBLE exit that is by far the best bubble exit we have ever seen. Captured by the one and only David Manning, they left their wedding in style! We simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this amazing couple. We wish our friends a lifetime of love and happiness!




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