Celebrate, Cherish & Challenge

White Lace Events & Design loves that December brings so much joy, celebration and overall LOVE! Snuggles by the fire, pictures by the tree and kisses under the mistletoe. It is also this time where a lot of relationships begin or take an incredible leap into the next step in their relationship. It is clear when you go on facebook or instagram and see all the photos of beautiful hands newly adorned with a sparkly representation of forever love. Engagements are just so much fun to follow and celebrate with couples every step of the way.

This brings me (aka. Krissie) to me and my story.

Eight years ago today my “dream boy” officially became a heart skipping boyfriend. You may be wondering … I thought you were married? Yes, yes I am. My incredible husband had to begin to somewhere. It all began 8 years ago when we officially became “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” on a big comfy bean bag watching Hitch. His heart started beating quite rapidly and I knew something was going to happen; fingers crossed, he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. While I was crossing my fingers, I started to think of the ways that it may happen:

– Will it be on a piece of paper like elementary school? Will you be my girlfriend? Check the box YES or NO.

– Will he stand up, take my hand, and walk me out to the gazebo and start singing “I am 15 going on 16” while I frolic from one step to another?

*shakes head, no…we don’t have a gazebo.

As I began thinking of the next ridiculous way he could ask me, he paused the movie, turned to me and asked the question. YES!! YES!! From there, the rest is history. I laugh now thinking back to that bean bag in the middle of my parents living room…(*smile)

Me, being the hopeless romantic, still celebrate this date because it is a special stepping stone in our lives and where it all began. Never forget to celebrate the little and the big things in life. Life is so busy and moves so quickly . My advice for you is to never forget the three C’s: Celebrate, Cherish and Challenge.

Celebrate: celebrate and enjoy the little things (and the big things too). Promotion, fitness challenge, life steps or even just a cozy morning/night together. Celebrate it!

Cherish: no matter what, cherish each moment together and with family. Adore and protect the ones you love.

Challenge: don’t forget to challenge each other, as well as yourself. With challenge comes celebration 🙂

Let’s be honest, it is also another reason to open a cold and delicious sparkling bottle of champagne. We love how this time of year brings everyone together!!

Congratulations to all!!

Cheers and Hugs,


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