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It is always fun to read articles about weddings, projects, trends and advice (well, at least as wedding planners). Yet, we find it is interesting when we read an article that doesn’t seem to be completely correct. As in, we read and continue saying in our heads “yeah…no” and “I don’t think that is the case” or “is that really what they are telling brides?”.

Today, we stumbled on an article that was published in the Huffington Post and we were amazed by the “5 Wedding Details Your Guests Won’t Notice At All (So Skip ‘Em!)”. Exclamation mark and all! Now, we understand if a couple are on a budget, these details are typically the first to be reduced or removed completely. However, if budget allows and these five details are present, then your guests will notice them. You will notice them. The publications and blogs that you want to publish your wedding on … will notice them. Prior to adding further commentary, let us share the five details that “your guests won’t notice or remember” according to this article:

1. China

2. Favors 

3. A Full Premium Bar

4. Luxe Table Linens

5. Exotic Or Out Of Season Flowers

We don’t disagree that some of these details are just that. Details. However, they absolutely make an impact and can make the difference between a good wedding and a great one. They connect the design pieces and create a thread of harmony from one piece to another. Especially, if your end goal is to get your wedding published in print or on a wedding blog. As an example, let’s look closer at  1. & 4. China and Luxe Table Linens — The china, glassware, silverware, etc, can be an add-on to your centerpiece. This may be an area where you pull in golds, yellows, patterns, etc. Each table and each place setting becomes an art piece and is then further adorned with a menu and/or a place card. China and linens are the foundation of that.

Take a look at the article and let us know what you think 🙂

5 Wedding Details Your Guests Won’t Notice At All (So Skip ‘Em!)


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