Cheers, Love & Happy New Year

As today marks the first day of a new year, it is a time to look back upon the previous 365 days to reflect, possibly make resolutions we may or may not keep and focus on looking forward to the future. As Krissie so graciously shared her love story, it feels only right that I (Elizabeth) share my love story with my wonderful husband, as 2015 marks 14 years (yep you read that right) 14 years together! The story begins in a small town, where two high school students met on an educational trip to Europe. Obviously we met and fell in love, however there are a few more fun details to this story. After spending time together on long bus rides, sharing a drink in the local pubs, and seeing some pretty incredible sights we were fortunate that already we created many fun memories together; and one hilarious photo that I felt the need to share with all of you! I mean braids and puka shells… what was I thinking?!? One piece of our story that feels like a scene out of a bad romcom is as follows.  We had planned to meet atop the Eifel Tower… I got carried away in Paris and well, forgot to meet him… (cue the guards telling him, sorry poor American boy, your girl isn’t coming). Luckily we can laugh about it now, needless to say Paris is not Matt’s favorite city. When we returned home our love story continued to unfold, although funny enough I was informed by a friend’s mother that we were dating. I believe her exact words were “Who is the lucky girl dating Matt Galloway?” well, that lucky girl was indeed me!

We enjoyed a few more years together in our small home town and then it was time to go away to college. I ventured to Arizona (Bear Down Wildcats!) and Matt journeyed to Santa Barbara, exactly 592 miles apart. Many long distance phone calls and frequent Southwest flights later the 4 years passed by and we were reunited in not only the same city, but same apartment! Hello San Diego! After 10 years, Matt asked me the one question I was waiting for (and so were all of our family and friends) and in the summer of 2011 we tied the knot!

You may be wondering why I am sharing our love story today- as this is not our anniversary. I am sharing this story because as a new year begins it is time to reflect. I couldn’t imagine my life without this wonderful person. Each year we spend together brings about new and exciting memories. The White Lace Events & Design team hopes you and your loved ones had a wonderful 2014 and are looking forward to a fun filled 2015! As wedding planners obviously Krissie and I love a good love story, and look forward to celebrating your story this coming year! XO E


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